Make Indian Men Great Again

The title is creepy, I know. But it is, weirdly enough, on point. Because the circumstances are calling for the revival of good name of Indian men. The whole deal about Bobs and Vagene has basically murdered the respect for us as a whole.

It was not that long ago, Instagram and other similar social media presented themselves with the feature of live video. Any user can post their own live video and their friends or anybody else (depending on the choice of the user) can watch the video live as it happen and also share what they think about the video on the same interface as the video. These shared comments can be seen by the video uploader and whoever else viewing the video as well. When the video is over, everything related to it ceases to exist online including the video and the comments. But as it turns out, it wasn’t that easy.

See, mostly the people who let their live videos be seen by the entire world must be doing it because they like the attention or maybe they don’t know how to turn it off. But in the beginning, it sort of seemed that the viewers of the video had a feeling of privacy as the other people watching the video were neither their friends nor their enemies. So a bunch (read: lot) of people thought it would be a great idea to make the live videos’ comment page, a platform to release their sexual creepiness and libido. The result of that were comments towards womens’ live videos on a huge scale. The pervy guys’ world became a global village. Needless to say, men from India was also part of all this. And everybody gathered together to comment “Sexy”.

The most silliest problem for Indian men, then emerged out of no where. Some of them just started commenting words such as ” bobs” and “vagene”. Yes, they didn’t know the correct spelling for boobs and vagina. And of course, everybody who read this laughed till they soiled themselves.

All joking aside, this is a serious problem. The educational side of it is a minor one. But Indian men just proved, for no reason, that they are the most shameless and perverted beings on the internet. Nobody else was this creepy online (except for most of the people in 4chan) and everybody else started to look at Indians that way all of a sudden.

We were famous for our quirky accent and our obsession with maths and our spicy foods. Never thought we will be named pervy. The reason for all of this, is not only that some of us don’t know to spell, but also we thought of internet as a free space. Humans are extremely sexual and perverted beings, no questions asked. But a bunch of people thought they can released their dark side on to a virtual keyboard, without considering the consequences, well… created a lot of consequences.

This, being a serious problem, we need an immediate solution. Maybe educating people about internet and the ways and privacy of it could be useful. Or maybe we should, at last, teach people about sex or atleast sex related words in India  so that this could be avoided in the near future.

I have not been considerate about the real victims of the activity here shared. Many women must have feel attacked and mentally offended at these live video sessions due to those comments. I feel sorry for you all. I hope this weird thing ends now and forever.


Travelling for Instagram

It’s been about six months now since I deleted my Instagram account, and most of the other social media profiles. The main cause of such a stupid and immature act (according to my friends) was my mild clinical depression. I was self-diagnosed with this (Yeah, yeah, I know). So the primary thing I did was what everybody thinks when they feel ill, I googled. And what I found out was that I had early onset Alzheimer’s, most probably. And some other sites, less popular ones, diagnosed me with a weird disease, Social Media Induced Depression. I scoffed at this, killed the browser app, and went back to Instagram. Couple of days later, I felt like I should do something about my Alzheimer’s. So I took a break from Pinterest and did the only thing a teenager knows to do, googled again. This time, yet again, I stumbled on to reports of social media connected with depression. The idea laid its groundwork onto my mind. There was no way out, I should quit Social Media, at least temporarily and ascertain the truthfulness of this matter. And I thought I will be soon commenting below the reports, about how bogus they are.


I deactivated my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Telegram, GoddammitIwasfucked, and whatnot. I stayed away from them for a month. Ha, or so I thought I would. Third day, I went back to Pinterest and by the end of the week, I was activated all my accounts, except for Facebook (It’s 2018 already. FB is for wussies). And I saw that my Instagram hadn’t had any activity in it recently. So I decided, I’m going somewhere this weekend, and get some photos. So I went to a beautiful place that weekend, depressed, and came back. And I was ecstatic when I prepared the photos for my Instagram post. And it got fifty likes in an hour and a couple of comments when I posted it. My happiness index was off the roof. I settled back, comfortably in my newfound fame. About five hours later, my post had died off in the crowd of Instagram and I settled back again uncomfortably, with my old friend – depression.

So, what I’m about to say is nothing but advice. Maybe not. The reason for this post is, the fact that I’m happy and mostly clear headed now. And I enjoy my travels these days. Last week I went to place just 15 kms away- saw the most beautiful sunset I’ve had ever seen- didn’t take a single photo-went there by local transport- spent about five hours there- came back with a happy heart-told my mom about the sunset and promised I’ll take her there soon-went to bed-slept like a cat on its master’s lap.

I’m not depressed anymore, period. My social-anxiety is slowing fading. My relationships are far better and fulfilling now. And I repeat again, I really enjoy my travels. It’s never about the photos now, never a single fuck is wasted on statuses, or updates. I used to travel with my sister when I was a kid. And they were the best. We’d see all the places on our list, we’d eat the maximum our tummy can take and we’d be happy, blissful. But then, I started to travel alone. And I had to prove to people that I like to travel, I needed to make a statement as a traveller, a photographer and writer. Travels became a burden then. It became a responsibility, it became heavy. Every photo on Instagram became a status symbol, every post on Facebook, my credibility. When did all of this became so twisted, when did this all changed to more than friends hanging out all the time? We messed it up, maybe. Or maybe the corporates and conglomerates did. Anyway we ended up with the bad hand.

So, as a recovering addict, I implore you to take a chance. Take some time off from all of this. A couple of weeks. And see how it changes you. It will change you that’s for sure. And I’ll get to take the credit for your ‘happy forever after’ life.